Le Ole Meaningless Song

I don’t know what that means,

But I don’t care because I don’t care,

About titles


Who gives titles?

Supposedly people we empowered to represent authority,

Who made the notion of authority?

Supposedly the people who asked us to bring them to power,

I can’t help but fall apart in laughter,

At your hopelessness,

For accepting this idea,

More like coming to terms,

With inception,

Like an illusion,

To make you believe,

You are in control…


Truly pathetic,

In its most evident state,

Is this manifestation of humanity,

Through the ages;

One is forced to think history truly held,

Figures of inspiration,

When sadly,

None of the facts,

Can be verified…


How am I to believe in this false promise?

The one we made to ourselves;

A world of order in conformity,

When in truth,

Walls can only but limit our growth –

Do we expect,

Humanity to thrive in the absence of creation?



It does not take a scientist,

To tell you,

That creation cannot coexist with conformity,

There is enough evidence,

In our experience,

That proves the aforesaid


I needn’t end a stanza,

With a full stop anymore,

Because grammar is propaganda,

Their stories are propaganda,

Their products are day dreams,

Packaged like life-savers,

And we are fools,

To buy


I do not have sense,

Or direction, or scent,

On the trail of this ending path;

Either the wind coming ahead,

Is the call of the cliff,

Or the thudding heart of the storm?

Help me find the answer soon,


Take it for yourself,

I will not go into it alone.


Siddharth Pathak | 22nd April 2015


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