Death, by Love


A beautiful mistake,

This breathlessness I feel exploding slowly, inflating my chest to the point of soft tears on the surfaces inside, soaked and moist in the tears my eyes could not let out. They stopped still, buried into your cadaverous moonlit skin, white as the snow with a dark blue halo; and I could not move an inch. My id remained interpolated in the fissure of your flesh, from where your soul leaked out in the last mire confession we could make to each other.

As my fingers dug deep into the softness of your back, your breasts bruised themselves against my chest; with your heart attempting to rip its way out of our body, to become one with mine; our hearts, as if they were never apart – like conjoined children born in a womb of two loves falling away, but implanted and always together as one, with a singular heartbeat. We heard our eyes say to each other,

“I could have never loved again, and I could not have loved you anymore…”

Then we collapsed onto each other like mannequins in embrace, as if laid in the store room – forgotten and derelict; like the saddened death of a rock that withers away in surrender to time. The alarms go off as it begins to rain in our little concrete sky, and the water drowns us in the fish-tank of our dreams; the nightmares we both saw wide awake, coming true with our eyes open as we kissed each other desperately, wanting to fill each other will more love through our mouths, while knowing all along that we were bursting at the seams, filling up to the brim inside with the love we had already so addictively given each other, all summer. But alas, my heart every time reborn enjoys a lifespan short-lived and it gave away, in reflection to yours. Only this time, we decided not to go on living because we had burned out, and our ship was falling to the dust in fragments; like fireworks on a wedding night.

Look up to the sky.

By now the carbon-monoxide in our room must have taken us to the distant lone universe of our love, where we collide into each other, repeatedly and forever, into the black hole of our dreams. Wait and watch.

Close your eyes now, Shhh… here it comes…



Siddharth Pathak | 16th May 2014


One comment

  1. The rendition of emotions, the experience…everything is beautifully and deeply relatable. Thank you for sharing this piece.

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