The trouble with love…

You little chunk of my meat,

I don’t know how to love you forever. I don’t think there is such a thing as falling in love with someone forever. Love is larger than what we know of it. It is not some selfish desire to own another free soul for the rest of your life, or to belong to someone for the same amount of time with the same intensity. No.

I have so much love inside me; I don’t think you would be able to take all of it, without destroying yourself. I can barely contain it within myself and I am always falling apart at the seams, how do you believe I will be able to take all of your love either? We can’t love each other alone for the rest of our lives. I don’t know how else to say this. But I can tell you one simple truth. I will always love you. Unfortunately, my black tangled heart cannot do that, while it is beating inside your breast. You must let go of me, or I will love you so much, it will tear us apart.

Remember, if you fill your heart with hatred for me, you will only love me forever too. There will be no escape.

Farewell my beloved,

P.S. I wear your blood in a band around my neck. I drew it from you when you were sleeping last night.


Siddharth Pathak | 13th May 2014 


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