Don’t let go

It is one touch away,

This end which is near;

The distance of a star will seep in,

From in between our fingers,

And tie itself to the centers of our palms;

And no matter how far we drift away,

I will always know where you are,

By the far reaching threads of your starlight,

Radiant, shimmering…


But this universe will congeal,

As we get sucked into the void,

Precipitating debris will fly into,

Shreds coming apart in shadows;

Invisible in swirls effortless,

We are turning over and unto,

Inviolable in our spirits weightless,

The core of our storm will grow,

Erupting from within us,

And the darkness of time will seep in,

Like an uncontrollable spiral from in between us,

Tearing us apart by centuries in an instant,

In one forgotten fraction of our absence; in the orbit of one touch…


I will die before I breathe out,

Before I exhale my last vapour of sentience,

I beseech you to look into my eyes,

Know the promise I am making,

Look no-where else now,

Watch the Sun rising there in,

Eclipse, it’s time,

Don’t let go!


Siddharth Pathak | 19th October 2013

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