Losing sight…

How else can radiance be described?

If not in the way your eyes do,

Does laughter find a warmer echo?

The way it does in your voice, anywhere else?


And I still remember,

The first time I undressed you,

In the corners of my mind;

Instead of skin, you were naked light,

A glowing bright,

Since then, I think I’m losing sight,

Going blind,

A little more, everyday…


Like the lightning,

You have imprinted yourself,

Upon my iris,

And my reflection,

Has now become you;

All of my feelings,

Have morphed into your sighs,

And these days, I sink under water,

A little more,

Every time I breathe, again…


Submerged, unmoving and still,

Here I am,

Cloaking myself in your night,

And here, I will fall asleep too,

Into this dream of you;

Don’t leave yet,

Take hold of me now,

Before I collapse, before I let go,

I must confess, I’m falling apart,

I think I’m losing sight, anew…


Siddharth Pathak | 5th October, 2013



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