The Cloud-gate

When my eyes opened again, there was a graying, churning at play,

Upturned oceans yawned above, in an abyss,

That now fell into a screaming overhead,

Wistful fallen leaves, becoming little whirlpools on the ground,

Vagabond dust rising in wishful waves;

Like specters under a dark sky, appearing and disappearing, at will…


Many a wing flitter, little hurricanes in transpiring,

Supplicants singing to the song, about to pour upon,

Butterflies braving the gale, and the little birds soaring in circles,

Around oscillating tree top towers; inverted, vertical pendulums,

Suspended in reverse, swaying in chime to the earth-moving…


It begins with a shrieking cry,

The horizon erupts into a heave,

Doves scatter, feathers aflutter, from one far end to the other,

Herons glide searching for safer waters,

And beyond everything, black kites descend,

In swirls of violent animus, scouring the darkened sky,

Wings of ebony spread apart, taken by the coursing tempest;

Taken to a coliseum caving in at the seams, aloft in the changing sea,

Where a cloud-gate slowly falls apart, in the curvature of my eye…


Shafts of golden ablaze, emanate,

Pouring into this chasm, of vicious and savage tornado,

As the Sun, the ultimate alchemist, of all alchemists,

Peeps into this sphere, in one long, quiet gaze,

Raining down upon this moss laden valley,

Sending infant calves a-scamper, cottontails helter-skelter

Engoldening my vision, in spectral haze…


Like the crack of dawn, lightning sears in through the cries,

Burning up the fall, a storm makes its way into being,

Howling winds lift the eagles higher, a chariot of thunder rolling into surge,

Glimmering drops of amber rain traipse in cascading waterfalls,

Glistening moon-drops pitter-patter in ripples,

And as tenderly as it all began, slowly the fire begins to shy away,

Thunderhead falling back unto its own and the golden cloud-gate collapses,

Swallowing my spirit in whole, while it lasted, made effervescent in liquid sunshine,

Leaving me dissolved and my embodiment soaked, in pure, everlasting light…


Siddharth Pathak | 11th September, 2013



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