The Sweating Sky…


Palms spread open,
Dipped into the pools of grey above,
Ripples coursing through her veins, birthing only;
A shimmer in her eye…

There is a thunder in her chest, swelling high,
Lightning in her throat, a tempestuous cry,
Breasts heaving as she breathes,
Diaphanous desires, throbbing, bleeding dry,
A thirst to be quenched, a quiet sigh,
Her soul simmering beneath a desperate lie,
Placid iris, still and shy,
Stained and hued in amber rye;
Shades of the storm passing by…

Surrender becoming, oncoming rain,
The beyond caves in, her skin collapsing,
Under the credence of gossamer drops;
Liquid sunshine trails weightless, falling,
Silent waterfalls glissading, calling,
With every drop, her spirit forging,
By beads of fire, smeared across her flesh;
Consuming, embodying, purifying…

Quiescence unknown, at unperturbed equanimity on her own,
Dissolving into a vertical ocean, she comes up for air,
In one moment of tranquility and abandon,
Crumbling into the never, arms spread wide, her feet untied;
She is reborn, lips parted under the sweating sky…

Siddharth Pathak | 27th June 2013


  1. I see a conglomeration of so many different ideas and emotions. Love the way you have expressed them so beautifully! The first time I read this, I was out of words! 😀

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