Let us not remember…

Let us not remember the nights we spent with another,
Let us not remember the kisses we shared with the other,
Let us not remember the drinks we spilled on each other,
Let us not remember the beds we burned, with each other,
In them;
Sheets ripping apart, in a tug of war,
Tearing ourselves apart at the hem…

The glass we once filled,
Half you, half me,
Is now empty,
We turned it upside down,
Poured it all out with someone else,
There is nothing left for us to drink,
Nor can we fill it again…

That door opens two ways,
You can choose one and I can choose to stay,
Or we can leave to be far away,
There is not enough strength in these walls,
To contain us, our shame, or conceal our wounds,
And the tape I am watching has stopped halfway,
The television’s burning; there is no replay,
I am wiping out the memories on display…

Don’t come back here,
There is nothing left to say,
Our playground is barren,
There are no more games to play,
We have never been one,
There is nothing to betray,
I can feel your halfhearted attempt,
Leave, it really is okay…

What’s that? You brought flowers to lay?
There, our grave is shining in the mirror,
We have built it every day,
Our love is gone; it fell into the grey…

Siddharth Pathak | 25th April 2013
NaPoWriMo Entry #10

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