Curved corners bending time,
Blithe streaks of light alive above,
Escaping rays of Sun,
Our arms running over each other,
We lie safe inside our fortress of flesh…

Vermillion flowers of emerald,
Bloom over the shimmering lake,
Every vane and branch quivers,
Nothing can cleave apart this sinewy cradle,
Of sweaty warm fingers interwoven…

Planted firmly deep within,
Spurs of delicate and fragile tendril,
Rooted in balmy thew,
Our banks of skin and bone,
Knitted as one will not give away…

Forged under night swelter,
Vapours rise melting away the dark sky,
Moon-drops raining in a trickle,
Clothe our fortress of limbs in wax,
Embalming us as one in our cocoon of love forever…

Siddharth Pathak | 25th April 2013
NaPoWriMo Entry #11



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