She walks in beauty, like the night,
The embers of her toes, gleaming in moonlight,
Bare naked feet, leaving behind trails;
Her ensemble of flesh and ether,
Swaying in delirium, to the wailing winds…

The mists are swirling high and tall,
The waves are beginning to crumble and fall,
She walks like darkness, quietly in trepidation,
Towards the calling, surging nether;
Singing in honorarium, to the sailing woes,
Tumbling off beneath the moon-shimmer,
Under the horizon, she drifts…

The storm has stripped her of comforts benign,
Her robes of colossal white now drape her wounds ill fated,
Swallowing the lapping quietude, down to her belly, she sinks…

Making her way into the deep mouth,
Her mast remains, palm reaching out, momentarily;
Before the flag is soaked in memoriam,
Beneath the ocean, she weeps…

Siddharth Pathak | 18th April 2013
NaPoWriMo Entry #1



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