A wave surges in the ocean,
Heaving up and down, in fury and rage,
Tamed by the tempering of the moon’s light,
From behind the silver clouds, watches the night,

The wind, an aching whisper, escapes through our windows,
Whistling brazen, flagrant in mischief, pushing you closer onto me;
Two bodies there lay naked, alone in the dark,
Losing their spirits in the light, of each other’s eyes…

A tree blooms inside you, branches spreading far inside,
The leaves hold your form in beatitude,
Your skin, like the surface of a warm lake,
Shimmers in quiet comeliness,
Quivers like ripples on a strand of silk,
In my embrace of absoluteness…

Our mouths covering each other’s, in gentle swallows,
Simmering beads of ornate wishes, emerging from the layers of our flesh,
Trailing down like nectar, from the sides of our undulations,
Into the waters of our cradle, into the trenches of our amorous tomb;
We become one, in this ambiguity, forging a womb…

Our truth nestles in the curves of our lips,
Plays about on our fingertips,
At the end of the reins, my secret drips,
The reflection in your eye, a quiet eclipse…

Reborn into one another, our eyes open inside
Our touch transcends our souls’ divide,
The colour of your tresses, courses free,
Envelops me, consuming me, staining my hide…

Our spirits burst open; our dreams collide,
They fill up to the brim, of the walls outside,
Overflowing in abundance, with rising tides,
Making their way, like the tears we cried,
Leaving us bare, naked and dyed…

Siddharth Pathak
26th February 2013


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