The Swallow’s Nest

And I don’t know how to ease her pain but I try,
Watch my phone patiently as the day goes by…
There are no words left unsaid but I know there’s something more,
And I see her everywhere, when I walk out that door…

She’s under my window,
She’s under the bridge,
And she’s under my eyelids when I’m asleep at night…

She’s under my sleepy willow, waiting for me.

I’m walking alone a long way home and I see,
There was no other way for any of this to be…
There are doors yet to be opened so we can be free,
And I see her everywhere, when I circle our little tree…

She’s under my closet,
She’s the monster under my bed,
And she’s under my sheets at night and in my head, when I’m counting sheep…

She’s under my promise and in my dreams,
She’s under my breath and in my screams,
She’s all that’s filled inside me when I’m bursting at the seams,

I put my finger on my skin and that’s all it takes for me to know…

That she’s under my skin and under me.

29th June, 2012
Siddharth Pathak


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