Every once in a while,
I thought of my own name…
A name I haven’t been known by in a long time;
And then I met you

Only a voice I closed my eyes to,
Only the words I read;
Words seeming like they came from within me…
A face I had never seen,
Except when I opened my eyes to the lonely, quiet mirror;
The sweet laughter that echoes inside me,
On warm nights of recent memory…

How could time have kept us apart for so long?
How could time have been so cruel…?
How many nights have passed, with me drowning in dark oceans of anguish?
How much rain have I soaked in, looking for a voice…?
The voice I have found in you…

My dreams etch out your face on the skin of my mind,
My mornings are spent in looking for you…
And I find you everywhere

I want to buy balloons for you and later…
We can burst them,
I want to have a pillow fight with you and later…
We can put them back together,
Like stuffing torn apart rag dolls with feathers,
From each other’s broken wings…

And sometimes you seem so far away,
And my hands stretch out towards the ceiling,
Leaving my shoulders behind,
To touch you

But for now,
The distance seems to be just enough…
The thread that holds us, ties us, binds us

Am I afraid of seeing you?
Being by your side?
I don’t know…
But I know this;
I will lose myself to you, when I see you…

Are you afraid too?
Or will you kill the distance?

Siddharth Pathak
24th of May, 2012



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