Ultra Violet

I lay quietly,
In my lonely emotive solitude;
All that fills me is you.

In these summers of burning hot, summer Sun rage,
I try desperately,
To break free of my cage;
Become yours.

I fight,
I scream,
I tear my way out,
It rains;
Tears and ashes from the skies;
An apocalypse of explosive love;
Reaching out, to you.

I burn,
I freeze,
I melt,
In belonging to you.

I live,
I breathe,
A growing passion,
A growing new me;
Inside me.

I love,
I Cherish,
Every desire I have,
For You,
As I fight,
I tear,
I rip myself apart,
To become one with you.

Defeating, terrifying, hammering against,
This Cage, that is Me.
To surrender to you;
In an Ultra Violet reality of only Us;
No one else,
But You and Me.

A cocoon of,
A swirling intertwined plethora,
Of everything we feel,
From so many thousand miles apart.

We love,
We cherish each other till eternity,
Like the surface of the Sun,
Makes love to the thirsty Earth.

6th May, 2011
Siddharth Pathak



  1. Words filled with immense passion..
    Churning out every intense emotion..
    In your words cage , I am captivated..
    Your poetry always keeps motivated.

    Enjoyed reading it πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Rhea for your kind words… I am always waiting for You to read my work… You encourage Me. As always you taking out the time to read my work means a lot to Me.

  2. You know someone I admire a lot says writing ought to be emotive, raw.. that’s real poetry. I think that’s what I like in your writing..every time! πŸ™‚

  3. It is awesome….i mostly visit your blog and check out these poems and u know wat many a times i need to sit with dictionary…..lol jus to understand d depth of your articles……sirjee…….bahot kuch sikhna hai aapse

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  5. Really.. You are dangerously passionate about poetry… Thanks to someone by means I get that passionate poetic world..

  6. every word, every line was beautiful. there is no better way this could have been said. ive never seen emotions morph so beautifully in to words πŸ™‚ love everthing bout this poem= the title, the rhythm, the ending.

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