Where I must die

My life flashing by; a recurring dream
before I open my eye, my mouth parts,
a silent scream.

Every morning,
the bird song sings,
I am still living, longing, yearning, aching.
My body no more mine;
sinks deeper into these sheets,
these clothes I bare.

I fall through,
waking up on the other side,
walking down the ceiling,
I leap out of the window,
falling through the skies,
till my feet touch the ground,
back in time.

I walk backwards,
the fallen raindrops; receding to the skies,
the waters lay idle; become snowflakes now
flying back into the storm.

The rewinding road; turns into a river,
flowing back to the seas,
I fall ahead into a boat;
see myself coming to you,
where crossing rivers meet.

Our boats pass,
my hand reaches out,
to hold yours; One moment,
on replay in all eternity.

Our hands become air,
as we try holding on,
for the first time,
my tears fall down;
not back into my eye.

Screams louder than the clapping thunder,
emanate from my ears, retreat into my mouth;
my body rips open,
droplets of blood, flying out and back into the skies;
the heart you returned,
now comes after you, unstoppably.

I fall back into the sky,
I have now closed my eye,
here is where I belonged,
where we are together still,
back in time;
and this is why,
here, is where I must die.

22nd May, 2011
Siddharth Pathak



  1. It almost reminded me of ‘The Scientist’.. that song from Coldplay.. Wow. Only difference? The video was less vivid than your poem! πŸ™‚

  2. This was captivating… I totally love the end, probably because I can relate to it so much. I love how you put the feelings into words. Great job yaar!

  3. an excellent post with an emotional depth… with a blend of words and an ocean of expressions, u my frnd hav made it immensely a magnificient work πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to read my work. You comments and critiques are highly appreciated… keep reading, there is Universe of new work headed this way…

  4. Hey buddy…its amazing…loved it a lot and truely speaking I can’t xpress in words dat how mch I liked it….good going buddy…hope to see some more articles soon…tc

    • Prakash… how have you been brother…? Thanks for taking the time to read my work… highly appreciated. Yes a lot of new stuff is in the making. will be uploaded soon…

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