The Underlying

I trod upon the remnants of something that was once ambrosia. The water cleanses my feet and absorbs my filth into its own self. The words it says, when it washes itself over the rocks, beckon me to submit myself to that underlying entity; the all knowing Creator.

I set out on a search for absolution and deliverance, looking for a God – the ultimate task master; for he lurks everywhere, even in the dust we detest. I walk into the water, clasp my hands and close my eyes in an unspoken prayer. The cool waters soothe my skin and my feet tremble on the invisible ground; but I rest.

The reflections in the water announce that the entity I am looking for exists in every breath we take and that sublime power is vested within all of us, which creates and destroys but does not give us the right to.

Siddharth Pathak
4th October, 2004

(Unedited Original/ First Draft)


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