Walking Down The…

Walking down the tired lanes
Of times gone by
I think to myself in despair
How hard did I try?

The memories spin around my head;
Questions wanting an answer
But all the doors to darkness led
No one could set me free

Fear grips me from deep within
I hate the helplessness
Empty thoughts are sinking in
I am afraid I must confess

But I have in me the strength to survive
Through fire, hate and heavy rain
The happier spirits I shall revive
To help me fight the pain

Once again I will rise
In this unfortunate game
Where the players give it all their life
But still don’t have a name

I still have only me to blame
For all that I am today
Times remain all the same
It was I who ran away

But I will surely find a way
To make it back someday
Staring back at times gone by
And begin to gather hay
To keep the fire burning in me
For someday, just as everyone else
I too, will be free

Siddharth Pathak
(Undated, 2003)

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