So many days have passed
Since I opened my eyes,
When I heard a voice long ago
Echoing in the forest;
So enchanted and hypnotized,
I looked up at the skies

I began walking slowly
Peering through the trees;
And the birds chirped away,
In the silent breeze

I walked and walked for miles
Until another day;
But the leaves never cleared,
To show the right way

Tired and out of breath
Staring at the ground;
My soul began to weep,
And wept without a sound

The tears fell down
And moistened the leaves;
Washing away the pain,
Of my fallen soul

Lost in the forest
Of my own dreams;
I stand in the wilderness,
Amidst confused themes

I ran into a madness
So far away;
Buried all my dreams,
There, where I once lay

I told myself
I will never go there again;
Turned to look away and it began to rain,
Nothing remained;
As what it was before

I woke up again
Blinded by a light;
Someone outside my window,
Was shining white, so bright
For a moment,
Nothing came in sight
I did not hear any voice,
That beckoned from far away
I was not in a forest,
Nor had I lost my way
Somehow, what was happening
Felt like a new day

I decided to begin
With clarity,
Held out my hand
With utmost sincerity,
Not expecting or withholding
I stepped into a life of reality,

Where death exists
For namesake,
And dreams are realized
By souls who keep awake

Siddharth Pathak
(Undated, 2004)


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