The Prayer

Thy will be done;
With thy Will;
I sever all ties;
From the weakling I may have once become;

Hallowed be thy Name.

Give me the strength to avenge;
Myself and the ones I love;
Allow me revenge;
Even if vengeance I do not deserve;
I will not deserve anyways;
A place in your sacred heart;
If I die with Hatred burning;
And your name on my lips;
In the final of my callings.

Allow into me demons;
Awaken the wolverine within me;
Make me faster, stronger;
Kill my conscience;
Turn me over;
By thy Will, I belong;
Either to you or my dark tormentor;
Either ways I must destroy;
Myself on thy holy altar;

Keep my spirit intact; in your cupped palms;
While I fight my battles with hatred, vengeance;
Die I will at neither gate;
Escape I shall; clutches of fate;
Baptized of all treachery and hate;
I will wait;
For all millennia;
To belong to you again;

With thy Will;
I regain all ties;
With you and the spirit;
Which until now into your cupped palms;
Rested in tranquil bliss;
Breathed back into me;


May 28, 2009
Siddharth Pathak

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