Speaking to Me

Tell me of you; tell me of me,
Speak of the sky, the birds flying by,
Tell me of us.

Tell me of the moon,
Tell me of the sun,
Speak of the light, the darkness of the night,
Tell me of the stars.

Tell me how,
Tell me when,
Speak of the love,
Speak of the pain,
Tell me the songs of the pouring rain.

Tell me this; tell me if and why,
You speak of the truth?
Pray, take me to the core of this forbidden fruit.

Tell me the words, whisper into my ears,
Tell me your name,
Touch my hand, speak of fear,
Speak of hurt,
Hold me close, tell me you are here.
Tell me of being together my dear,
Say the words I am dying to hear.

Come my friend,
Come sleep with me,
In the sanctum of my thoughts,
Speak no more,
Stare at me,
Hold my hands; hold my head to your chest and dream with me;
Till the never ending begins.

Siddharth Pathak.



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