Slow Motion

It happened in a split second. The hard teeth tore through my skin, tendons and started grating against my bone as he tried to rip off my wrist from my arm. He hung a foot above the ground with his jaw firmly in my wrist while my arm was raised in the air above my head. Like a collapsing crane my arm pulled down with the enormous weight of the canine. As he landed he stared to tear apart my wrist with animalistic ferocity and strength as if in a tug of war of death against me.

His canines had penetrated my flesh enough to touch my bone by one second. Then he started to writhe uncontrollably and my wrist cried tears of black blood which trailed down my palm like many small rivers by the second second. By the third second I could feel the nightmarish chills of inexplicable fear as I looked into his dark eyes. I froze, my eyes wide open and my lips parted in a silent scream. I could hear my heart beating in my ears when drops of cold sweat trickled down my neck. I pulled my arm away from him in a weak hopeless attempt to free myself which only tightened the hurting embrace of his jaw around my wrist by the fourth second. Numbed by the fury I surrendered to the canine’s mercilessness. I succumbed and collapsed on to my knees as the canine raped my wrist with blinded rage. I struggled like a frail deer whose throat was crushed by the jaws of a tigress and when he realized I had given up he opened his mouth. I could feel his canines slide out of the incisions on my wrist as he released my arm, his warm saliva trailing out and lining my wound by the fifth second. He looked at me one more moment convinced that victory was his and escaped into the darkness of the night. I trembled as my body quivered like a broken guitar string. I tried to rise up to my feet with fever pitch however my body gave away and folded like a blind mans stick and I crashed to the floor by six seconds.

The first thing I remember after that is waking up with a pulsating pain in my left arm the next morning. My wrist covered with the traditional show off white surgical bandage which would ideally be a magnet for female attention. The inside of my elbow had a small rectangular piece of white tape which covered the spot where the anti rabies needle entered my vein. A fever surged under my skin while I slept back and closed my eyes. The unholy visions of the previous night’s endure flashed before my eyes again and again lulling me into a disturbed sleep.

Siddharth Pathak
10th November, 2008.



    • You are a gifted writer or maybe the travails of life have inspired such poetic imagery in your words, either ways an absolute treat to my mind has been your work… keep the ink flowing…! 🙂

  1. though i LOVEEEE animals……this is scary…..each n every second of the incident is described…..which is incredible….i could actualy visualise the whole scene n could feel the pain……….

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