It’s Funny

It’s funny how you go to bed every night with the sweetest memories and wake up dreading the sunrise.
It’s funny, when you get ready for work and end up having the worst day of your life.
It’s funny when the girl you’ve got the hots for, sees you in ancient shorts.
It’s funny when you are hungry.
It’s funny how every time you change your mind about doing something you shouldn’t be doing, and you end up doing it anyways.
It’s funny when you know you are looking dreadful, but still you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I’m fabulous!”
It’s funny when you are walking on a road, and stop to look at your reflection in the glass of a passing car because a beautiful girl is coming your way.
It’s even funnier when a beautiful girl you used to know once before, doesn’t acknowledge you when she passes you by.
It’s funniest how ugly and hideous the most beautiful girl can look when she coughs.
It’s funny when you hold the most beautiful girl close and warm in your arms, with tears in your eyes because you know she has betrayed you several times.
It’s even funnier when she cries.
It’s funny when she says; “I’m sorry”
It’s funny and hilarious when you tell her, “I love you…”
It’s funny when you tell a girl you love her dearly and after having sex with her you feel differently about what you said 20 minutes ago.
It’s funny how you feel you’re in a movie when you listen to music on your earphones and walk around the street waiting for something to happen.
It’s funny when you make something with your own hands for someone and she doesn’t take it and you give it to someone else.
It’s funny how you make promises to yourself and break them even while you are making them.
It’s funny when you miss people who aren’t even thinking of you.

It’s funny the way a child learns to walk and to run.
It’s funny when parents run to pick up their fallen children.
It’s funny when it becomes too late to pick them up.

Its funny how many people reading this are going to relate to it?

Its funny how all this came to my mind.

I hate it, because it’s funny.

Siddharth Pathak


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