I awaken myself from a slumber; with un-memorized memories,
of a distant place beneath the violent ocean,
that holds within itself the consistent stealth of black depth.

I delve into the known unknowns; that move the seemingly unmoving,
stars and the setting moon.

The moonlight that pervades every molecule of water,
sand, the night and my sleepy skin;
begins to fade away.

I slip into a brutal cosmic dream; of vivid passions and livid embrace.
A dream of blissful pain and mordant rain that downs me,
in the cryptic recesses of my very own individuum.

I drift back into,
the unconscionable consciousness,
and pretend to lie awake,
while my solitary anima rests in unsolicitous solitude,
till I reawaken myself into Infinity.

Siddharth Pathak

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