It washes over me,
It watches over me,
Lying fast asleep, in deep sleep I dream.

Colours in mauve, orange and gold,
Surround me, smothering me,
From up above, I see,
A silver lace holds me.

I disappear into myself,
Lost in disbelief,
I don’t want it to end this way,
But my eyes remain shut.

It subdues into a crestfallen darkness,
I’m relieved; it was just a dream,
But now, I hear a divine hymn, rising from beneath.

It seems much brighter now,
Much lighter now,
I feel the euphoria; of unity with my self.

There is nothing left to have,
And nothing I had is left,
So I look beyond the gates;
And a familiar voice beckons me.

I am overjoyed, laughing in glee,
The light becomes brighter as I try to see,
I can hardly believe my ears when I realize; that the calling voice is no one but me.

Siddharth Pathak.


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